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Free15 Minute Consultation

To schedule a free 15 minute consultation email:


Your one hour business consultation call is an in depth conversation about your business needs for product specification, logistical planning, factory production, sourcing, and brand packaging.

We will anwer all of your questions questions  about how to best source or design your product in China.

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1 Hour $75
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30 mins $30

Your natural hair consultation consists of learning and discussing more about your

  • hair type

  • hair porosity

  • custom hair care products

  • custom hair tools

  • custom protective styling

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Product Sourcing

No matter where you are located in the world it is not difficult to see Chinese investment and influence. As the world’s 2nd biggest economy and largest exporter, the Chinese economy shows no signs of slowing down and is predicted to grow by 6.3% in 2019, making the nation a force to be reckoned with. China’s economic dominance aside, doing business in China may be an alluring idea but the practicalities of entering the Chinese market remain challenging.

HBA has over 5 years experience of living and doing business in Guangzhou, China and deliver quality control and effective solutions for your company no matter the industry.

Our services include

1. China Market Research

We sort through the clutter and identify and qualify Chinese suppliers that provide substantial value in the market place through a systematic vetting process.

2. Chinese Supplier Evaluation

  We identify niche segments and competitive markets in China to provide you with the necessary intelligence needed to shape the decision making process.

3. Supply Chain Management

With travel restrictions limiting overseas travel mobility, managing day-to-day supply chain processes can be a 24 hour job. We are your boots on the ground. Clients gain access to an experienced, on the ground team ready to help manage and execute your supply chain strategies immediately.

4. Supplier Audit

In order to minimize risk and fully understand each supplier’s capabilities, we diligently audit Chinese manufacturers by routinely verifying compliance over time. With regard to ISO, TS, UL, other industry standards, or specific processes and procedures implemented by our clients, supplier noncompliance can result in poor performance, rising expenses and unnecessary exposure to liability. To protect our clients’ interests and gain up-to-date supplier intelligence, our in-depth audits provide the information needed to verify compliance and suppliers-standing in the marketplace.

5. Quality Control Management

 We mitigate risk with real-time, on-the-ground quality control and risk management solutions.

6. Shipping Logistics

  We keep you up to date on all your shipping options and availabilities whether it is drop shipped from the factory or shipped alternatively.

7. Visiting and Speaking to Factories on your Behalf

  We are experienced and well equipped to travel inter Asia on your behalf as your agent. We understand and are ready to overcome travel and language barriers.

$125 per Day
    (8 hours)



Want to contact the manufacturers on your own? Not to worry. We will provide you with a verified manufacturer.

With our vetted system, we will provide you with the name, address, sample prices, email, and phone number.

Please select the blue icon to the right and email us.

$75 per Manufacturer
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