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Welcome to HBAsia Consulting!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

What We Do

HBAsia Consulting is specialized in supporting western companies procuring products and finding manufacturers in China. We use our vast knowledge and network for assisting companies in China. Our forte includes hair, beauty, and fashion, but we have experience working with other industries such as fitness, solar energy, apparel, candle and home goods, stationary and office supplies, and hotel supplies.

Natural Hair Consulting

As leaders in the hair industry, we provide 101 consulting for natural hair clients. We help you learn more about your hair type so that you can maintain and grow natural hair. Bookings are available.

For more information on natural hair maintenance, read our Kinky Curly Blog here.

Hair, Fashion, and Beauty Distributor

Part of our extensive knowledge and experience comes from starting and scaling our own product lines. Our in house hair, fashion, and accessories brands are Hair By Akoni, Bandage By Akoni, and Shadebliss. You can shop with us to learn more about our wholesale here.

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