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Hair Industry Insider: Two Ways to Test Human Hair

Buyer beware, the hair industry is not fair and can be quite cruel to the novice hair seller upon entry. Because hair is scarce, manufacturers have learned ways to stretch hair. That means cutting fuller lengths with shorter sizes and filling bundles with bundles.

Here are 3 ways to test your hair to check if it is human so you won't be looking like our beautiful and furry mountain goat friend.

#1 Burn Test

The burn test is the easiest way to know if your hair extensions are human or not because human hair burns. It would be great to carry a lighter with you when burning hair so that you many ask to burn a sample size of hair. Pay attention to the manufacturer's body language. If they tense up or say no, chances are their hair can't pas a burn test and you should find another hair provider.

Which hair passes the burn test? You guessed it, the one to the right that is burnt to a crisp. :)

#2 Razor Test

The razor test is a good way to know if your hair extensions are human and not synthetic fibers as well. When you slide a razor against a few strands of hair, a white residue should collect on the blade. These fine photos are provided courtesy of our friends at Alimah Hair in New Jersey. They were on a factory visit and conducted the razor test. Again, pay attention to the body language and response when you ask to conduct this test.

I hope this helps you out on your hair business journey.

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